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A Truly Unique Perspective

I have been in your shoes and Know how retail works!

I  developed my expertise in retail financing working as a retailer. The company where I worked is a large top tier furniture retailer that challenged me to run and manage their consumer finance programs in addition to my role as an executive vice president operating a division of stores. Beginning in retail  almost 40 years ago, I understand retail from almost every perspective.  Thus I understand what retailers do, how they operate  and more importantly what they need. Not knowing what I did not know about retail finance programs, I studied, researched and expanded my base of knowledge all while managing and expanding a real live program.  In fact, I am still learning as the landscape of retail finance options continues to evolve. I believe that we truly never know all there is to know about a particular subject. Thus the need for continuing knowledge.

My path in this field continued in a dedicated  role exclusively to financing for a group of stores that is also part of one of the largest furniture retailers in the nation. Finally I decided it was time to use my experience and knowledge to help other retailers just like you.  You can learn more about me at my Linkedin Profile 

So why do I call myself “The Financing Pro”?  The best financing program in the world still needs marketing to be successful.  Aside from being a memorable and descriptive name, it reflects my desire  to help you develop financing programs that are real and relevant that are marketable to your staff and your customers.  When engaging with me you will find I am straight forward, candid and professional at all times.